Crack On


Crack On : 2nd Ponti Comix Anthology published by Chili Com Carne and the Forte Pressa (the festival label). with contributions from MP5, To/let, Federica del Proposto, Lise & Talami, Tsó, Massimiliano Bomba, Onze, Fabrizio Lascimmia & Bombo, Vincento Filosa, Valerio Bindi (from Italy), Fréres Guedin, Craoman, Maya Mihindou (from France), Aleksandar Zograf (Serbia), Marcus Ivarsson, Markus Nyblom (from Sweden), André Lemos, José Feitor, Jucifer, João Chambel, Bruno Borges, Marcos Farrajota, João Maio Pinto, Rafael Gouveia, Miguel Carneiro, Marco Mendes, Lucas Almeida, Pedro Zamith, Sílvia Rodrigues, Ricardo Martins (from Portugal), Anna Ehrlemark (Sweden/Croatia) and Nina Bunjevac (Croatia / Canada).

quoted from http://chilicomcarne.blogspot.com/

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